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Delen Hack Days 2019 Delen Hack Days 2019

  • Publish Date: 15-October-18

Delen Private Bank is hosting a hackathon for the second time! The second edition of Delen Hack Days will start on the 14th of February in 2019. Register and get selected for our exclusive hackathon in the private banking sector. We have provided 3…

Delen Private Bank is hosting…

Startdate: 14-February-19

Enddate: 15-February-19

Crack the Code - DELEN Private Bank - HackDays Crack the Code - DELEN Private…

  • Publish Date: 06-March-18

Participate in a 2-day intensive hackathon to crack challenges with tech solutions in the private banking industry.  What can you expect? Writing code! Check.  But before you hack yourself into the solution, innovation experts will help you with the…

Participate in a 2-day…

Startdate: 11-April-18

Enddate: 12-April-18

Hack Belgium Hack Belgium

  • Publish Date: 06-March-18

Hack Belgium ( is a 3-day festival of entrepreneurial and technological creativity that aims to create new, innovative and ambitious solutions for the massive Challenges we all are facing: future of work, cleaning up the environment,…

Hack Belgium…

Startdate: 26-April-18

Enddate: 28-April-18


  • Publish Date: 09-June-17

The Hackathon devoted to the research and formulation of global innovative solutions on human resources and talent !

The Hackathon devoted to the…

Startdate: 28-June-17

Enddate: 28-June-17

Junction Junction

  • Publish Date: 02-June-17

Junction is a global converging point for thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Last November in Helsinki, we provided the biggest hackathon experience in Europe with almost 1300 participants from 77 different…

Junction is a global…

Startdate: 23-November-17

Enddate: 26-November-17

MIT Hacking Medicine - Grand Hack 2017 MIT Hacking Medicine - Grand…

  • Publish Date: 02-May-17

Are you interested in healthcare innovation?  Then this is the event for you!  Join MIT Hacking Medicine for one of the largest health hackathons in the world! This is the weekend to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with hundreds of like-minded…

Are you interested in…

Startdate: 12-May-17

Enddate: 14-May-17

Ultrahack Sprint 1 Ultrahack Sprint 1

  • Publish Date: 02-April-17

What is it about: Through multidisciplinary cooperation teams compete to progress in the given timeframe and, especially with ours, the progress is what is taken into consideration as the judging criteria. Through our support with provided software, tech…

What is it about: Through…

Startdate: 21-April-17

Enddate: 23-April-17

Global AI Hackathon - Munich Global AI Hackathon - Munich

  • Publish Date: 26-February-17

The Global Hackathon series is community-centered event. It is run by local event organizers around the world. Munich is one of the 11 cities to participate in the first season of the hackathon series.  The first ever Global Hackathon series is kicking…

The Global Hackathon series is…

Startdate: 23-June-17

Enddate: 25-June-17

Innoveaters Food Hackathon Bruges Innoveaters Food Hackathon…

  • Publish Date: 26-February-17

54 Hours of Testing your Idea to Impact the Food System. Are you in? Have you ever had an idea that would change the way we eat or produce food? Is your idea one that could impact our global food system? Here’s your opportunity to transform your thoughts…

54 Hours of Testing your Idea…

Startdate: 25-March-17

Enddate: 26-February-17

AGFA HealthCare - Hackathon 2017 AGFA HealthCare - Hackathon…

  • Publish Date: 16-February-17

This year's AGFA HealthCare Hackathon will take place on June 19/20, 2017.   Stay tuned for more information !

This year's AGFA HealthCare…

Startdate: 19-June-17

Enddate: 20-June-17

Open & Shared Data - Startup Weekend Ghent 2017 Open & Shared Data - Startup…

  • Publish Date: 10-February-17

Startup Weekend is back – bringing Open Data to Ghent!  54 Hours of Testing your Idea to Impact the Open Data System.  Are you in?  Have you ever had an idea that would change the way we buy things? Is your idea one that could impact the sharing economy…

Startup Weekend is back –…

Startdate: 21-April-17

Enddate: 23-April-17

HackHPI 2017 : Health Tech Hackathon HackHPI 2017 : Health Tech…

  • Publish Date: 10-February-17

What would you do if you could access all the data our bodies are constantly producing? Heart Rate, Steps, Sleep, Weight, Movement, Physical motions - and this is just the beginning. Would you visualize it and support health workers? Would you write…

What would you do if you could…

Startdate: 17-June-17

Enddate: 18-June-17

Hack Belgium Hack Belgium

  • Publish Date: 08-January-17

A massive hack festival to build a better Belgium. BUILDING BETTER BELGIUM : Our little country keeps puttering along, mostly happy, calm and largely indifferent. But doing ok is no longer good enough in a world where technological change turns industry…

A massive hack festival to…

Startdate: 04-May-17

Enddate: 06-May-17

EduData Hackathon Paris EduData Hackathon Paris

  • Publish Date: 07-January-17

As it’s well known, the results of PISA have recently appeared. PISA is an international test of the grade levels of 15-year- olds in OECD countries. France is not an exemplary country and it is time that things change! But how?  This event is organized…

As it’s well known, the…

Startdate: 27-January-17

Enddate: 29-January-17

Living Data City Challenge Hackathon Eindhoven Living Data City Challenge…

  • Publish Date: 07-January-17

The Living Data City Challenge hackathon is a two-day event where people with technical -, design -, and creative backgrounds come together to create new solutions through collaborative development. The goal: to use Open Data – information everyone can…

The Living Data City Challenge…

Startdate: 30-November--1

Enddate: 30-November--1

Hackathon Citizens of Wallonia Hackathon Citizens of Wallonia

  • Publish Date: 07-January-17

Hackathon Citizens of Wallonia

Hackathon Citizens of Wallonia

Startdate: 10-March-17

Enddate: 12-March-17

Make Zurich Make Zurich

  • Publish Date: 29-December-16

Make Zurich is bringing together the local hacker/maker community and the city administration to explore new ways of solving the problems of the city with the help of open networks and civic tech.

Make Zurich is bringing…

Startdate: 03-February-17

Enddate: 04-February-17


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