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Belgium admin
05-March-17 50 Hits

GreenWin, innovation accelerator in the environmental sector, is one of the 6 Walloon (Belgium) competitive clusters which aims to tackle major technological challenges. 

GreenWin supports innovation and promotes the development of collaborative R&D projects around 3 strategic axis which are sustainable chemistry (biobased chemistry, use of CO2, biotechnologies), sustainable materials in the building sector (energy storage, energy efficiency, production of materials and building systems), environmental technologies (waste & recycling management, water and air treatment, soil remediation, sludge recovery). 

Devoted to more efficient environmental technologies, GreenWin focuses its actions on improving the life cycle of products by saving inputs and energy, by recycling wastes and by using renewable resources. 

GreenWin brings together in a single network 185 members: about 145 companies, 140 university departments, 15 research centres and 6 training providers as well as organizations that promote the green economy. All members are driven by the opportunities offered by the pooling of skills and resources. 

GreenWin also acts at an international level, aiming at developing international collaborative R&D projects in Europe (France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Portugal …) and in third countries such as Brazil and Canada. 

In this context, it seems obvious that Wallonia has to increase its collaborations with Flanders in order to set-up collaborative R&D projects between our own regional sme, group companies, universities and research centers. To reach this objective, one of the tools which can be used is the European fundings which encourage this type of R&D collaborations.

Rue Auguste Piccard, 20, 6041 Gosselies, Belgium

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