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Netherlands admin
24-February-17 123 Hits

Nino is highly educated in the strategic management of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation. He can apply his analytical thinking and research skills in various business environments. 

Nino van de Wal advises managers on organization design for corporate entrepreneurship and innovation (i.e., organizational processes, structure, systems, leadership and culture) and ways to pursuit future growth and new business opportunities (i.e., internal organization, alliances or acquisitions). 

Nino van de Wal is a PhD researcher in Strategy & Innovation at University of Antwerp. He received a Master's degree (Cum laude) in Organization Studies from Tilburg University and studied at Bocconi University to specialize in the Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology. The question that drives Nino is: Why do firms show substantial differences in their innovation and entrepreneurial success?

Spoordonk, Nederland

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