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Netherlands Nino van de Wal
28-March-17 32 Hits

The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) focuses on the most important aspects of successfully setting up a business in the Netherlands. 

What requirements need to be met to start a business in the Netherlands? What legal forms are there? What taxes do I have to pay? 

On their website you can:
Read more about starting a business in the Netherlands registration in the Business Register.
The regulations in this register are compulsory for every company and almost every legal entity. 

Read more about the Business Register The Chamber of Commerce operates independently and our international trade consultants can help you start your import or export activities. We can also advise you if you have years of experience in doing business abroad. 

Read more about international trade If you start a business, you must be registered in the Business Register. Read more about how to register, deregister and report changes


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