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California admin
11-February-17 59 Hits

Spigit is the largest provider of innovation management software to some of the world’s foremost companies, including AT&T, Citi, Duke Energy, MetLife, Pfizer, Sprint, Unilever, UnitedHealth Group and more. 

Spigit has powered innovation and process improvement for large enterprises across major industries of financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy. Spigit’s cloud software enables organizations to engage with their employees, customers, and partners to build a culture of innovation. Spigit’s proprietary automation, patented algorithms, and highly configurable, secure and multi-lingual platform make it the only solution that will scale seamlessly across the enterprise. 

Spigit global HQ is in San Francisco, European HQ in London, and our Asia-Pacific HQ is in Sydney

275 Battery Street San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

QR code

SPIGIT Software Map

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