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California admin
01-March-17 118 Hits

At Brightidea, we’re passionate about innovation. 

We believe it’s the lifeblood of progress, advancing the human condition and improving the world around us. 

To that end, we’ve set out to accelerate the success of innovation by empowering those behind it with advanced software to facilitate and streamline the ideation process—and the collaboration it thrives on. 

Our mission?… To transform how the world innovates. As long as the drive exists to turn ideas into reality, we’ll persevere in our work to maximize its impact. 

With offices in San Francisco and New York City, we’ve worked with over 300 leading global brands, including Accenture, Bayer, Cisco, GE and MasterCard, to achieve hundreds of millions of dollars of financial innovation impact.

255 California Street, Suite 1100 San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

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