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Spain Dani Fernández
12-August-17 342 Hits

The University Institute of Industrial Technology of Asturias (IUTA), which came into being in 1994, is a research centre comprising around 150 lecturers from the University of Oviedo belonging to fundamentally technological areas of knowledge. Post-grad interns and hired researchers who are provisionally participating in a project also form part of the Institute. So as to fully exploit its potential, the members of the Institute are organised in six work groups, each of which is specialized in a specific technical field. This enables the development of projects that fall within the scope of specifi c fi elds, as well as those of a multidisciplinary nature.

    IUTA collaborates on a regular basis with the Local Agency for Economic Promotion and Employment of Gijón, as well as with the Science and Technology Park, bodies that sit on the Institute’s Standing Committee. This collaboration has resulted in the formation of a seventh group, called “Local Innovation”, composed of City Council and IUTA personnel, which undertakes joint projects in innovation and training.

    IUTA is located on the Gijón Campus, sharing facilities with the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón.

Campus Universitario, C/Luis Ortiz Berrocal, s/n, 33203 Gijón, Asturias

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