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30-September-20 123 Hits

Product name: biomass pelelt processing/wood pellet making equipment;
Raw material: forestry & agricultural residues;
Final products shape and size: pellet or briquettes, size per customer鈥檚 requirementsw;
Capacity: per customer鈥檚 requirement (output range is 1-10tph);
Packing: automatic or semi-automatic
Other related: offered by customer as more as possible.
About the product
Biomass pellet (bio-fuel) is a solid fuel which is also known as wood coal fuel. Biomass pellet is considered to be the new energy source with the most large-scale industrial development prospects in the next 30-50 years.
The product is a processing which uses a whole set equipment to produce the pellets or briquettes from waste wood, crop straw and other biomass raw materials.
Application of biomass pellet
1. For civil heating and daily consumption: high using rate of the fuel, convenient to buy and easy to storage.
2. For biomass industrial boiler: instead of coal as the main fuel for industry boiler, reduce the environmental pollution.
3. For electricity power generation: biomass pellet fuel is the new type of fuel for the main power industry, high heating value means it will become the inevitable trend of the new energy.
Processing introduction
The product processing consists of raw materials, crushing, dryingm, pelleting, cooling and finished packing sections.
Raw material warehouse/yard: there are many types of materials for the biomass pellet making. To ensure the continuous production, it is necessary to storage the raw materials which can meet at least 7-10 days production demand. So the warehouse area depends on your daily capacity of the production line. Raw material warehouse/yard location designing: It is required to prevent rain, lighting, wind, and the fire separation distance between the production area and the living area is more than 50 meters, more than 30 meters from the road, and more than 30 meters from the transformer.
Crushing: the material size shall be 3-5mm for the pelleting, so our materials except sawdust shall be crused in advance, and related equipment depends on your raw mateiral size. For more details, our engineer will suggest you exactly.
Drying: for the biomass pellet machine, it is quite strict on the moisture content of the raw materials, and the moisture may different per different hardness & density mateials. Normally the raw material moisture shall be less than 12%, Besides, uneven moisture in the raw materials will also affect the output and drying effect of the dryer. So drying machine selection is depends on your exactly situations.
Pelleting: pellet machine is the key equipment of the whole production line. And it鈥檚 capacity may influenced by the raw material properties, material moiture content, ring die compression ratio, whole process design, operation skills , etc. and consider adding a hopper before pellet machine is a good idea for your reference.
Cooling: the pellet temperature can be 80-90掳C after pelle machine, and shall be cooled down to normal degree first then packed into bags. Pellet machine capacity/ whole production line capacity shall be considered for the cooling machine model choosing.
Packing: can be auto or semi-auto per your requirement.
Please kindly contact to us for more details and customized solution designing specially for you, our sales manager and engineer will be here with you at any time.Biomass Pellet Production Line

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