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02-December-20 1916 Hits

Our History
鈥?Mr. Shi Jihong and his brother and sister founded the Newcomer group. Newcomer Group first factory established.
鈥?Newcomer Group forward-looking finish "NEWCOM" brand domestic registration, began to expand their own brand business.
鈥?Newcomer Group's Youku "NEWCOM" brand in the United States and Europe and the United States to register.
鈥?Newcomer Group first in the country to establish luggage physical and chemical experimental real, to ensure that the quality control luggage, standardized, and meet environmental requirements.
鈥?Newcomer Group through IS09001 international quality management system certification.
鈥?Newcomer Group in Jiangsu Lianyungang to establish a new industrial base, the manufacturing capacity of the strategic layout.
鈥?Newcomer Group through IS014000 international environmental management system certification.
鈥?Newcomer Group undertook and completed the major scientific research project in Zhejiang Province "Supply chain management system under dynamic user constraints and its application in the luggage industry"
鈥?Newcomer Group participates in the writing of "China Bags & Trade Development Report" organized by the Ministry of Commerce.
鈥?Newcomer Group, the first to establish the national single largest single-style luggage logistics center to meet the multi-brand luggage at home and abroad action;
鈥?Newcomer Group's guest brand won the "brand-name products in China" title.
鈥?Newcomer Group participated in the development of the "Handbook of Quality and Practice of Export Bags and Bills" organized by China Light Industry Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce.
鈥?Newcomer group's guest brand to 2008 for four consecutive years was selected as "Boao Asia Forum only designated luggage gift" ralph lauren pas cher,
鈥?Newcomer group through OHSASI8001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
鈥?Newcomer Group R & D center was named "Zhejiang provincial small and medium enterprises common technical service center & rdquo ;.
鈥?Newcomer Group exclusive access to the US high-end brand Hobbie HOBIE & rdquo; in the global scope of the right to operate luggage, and with well-known foreign design company, the development of Hobbit & Hdb; HOBIE & rdquo; products.
鈥?Newcomer Group sales revenue of 850 million yuan.
鈥?Newcomer Group participated in the environmental protection products organized by the "Environmental labeling products technical requirements - luggage" standard development work
鈥?Newcomer Group selected "Shanghai World Expo franchisee & rdquo ;.
鈥?Newcomer Group acquired the national famous hardcore brand every day luggage, open up domestic and international hard box market.
鈥?Newcomer Group's AROUND & ldquo; face "rumquo; series of products to complete the former patch can replace the revolutionary innovation, and domestic and foreign patents, in the Canton Fair received a high degree of recognition of domestic and foreign merchants.
鈥?Newcomer Group and "China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) reached a senior partner & rdquo; relationship.
鈥?Newcomer Group National single largest bag of multi-brand integrated shop "leisure guest line" in Jiaxing Mewan Street grand opening, the new industry business model detonated the domestic luggage market.
鈥?Newcomer Group developed the world's first boarding suitcase trolley case and patented.
Our Factory
Newcomer Gruop was established in 2008. We are a luggage and bags factory ,with about 3000 workers.We have ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and BSCI social responsibility certification as well as some other certifications that our customers have required.
It is a professional foreign trade export-oriented enterprise, which provide one stop service integrating with products R&D, manufacture, sales and logistics. We have perfect quality control standard, professional manufacturing process and efficient customization service capability.
Our Product
We have several brands, Newcom, Airline.
Product Application
Newcom is for business and smart luggage.
Our Certificate
We have the BSCI Audit Summary Report certificate; TUV certificate锛?SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit(SMETA) Report; IQNet Certificate锛歋GS certificate锛沍hejiang Manufacturing Certificate锛汷ccupational health and safety management system certification and so on.
Group has won the "China Famous Brand", "China's luggage industry brand", "China's top ten leather industry enterprises", "Shanghai World Expo franchisee" honor, at the same time China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) The only senior partner, the Group's main brand "You off NEWCOM" luggage for seven no years as the Boao Forum for Asia gift. while Newcomer Group won the US high-end water sports brand & quot; Hobbie HOBIE & quot; in the global luggage franchise.
Production Equipment
We have a smart conference recording system; CAD input & output System; Interactive smart terminal; Material sample sealing system; Material professional tender; smart shelf; smart tray; smart forklift; smart rail transport; RFID tag & etc. Automatic cutting machine; computerized sewing machine; smart transmission system of raw material; smart interactive product output & quality monitor terminal; decoupling sortation etc.
Production Market
Main market
Newcomer Group brand exported to the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, more than 30 countries And the area.
Enterprise Honor
Rookie luggage was elected as the executive director unit of China Leather Association.
Rookie luggage was elected as the vice-chairman unit of the luggage branch of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industry Crafts.
Xinxiu Luggage was elected as the member unit of China Leather Industry Standard Committee Luggage Sub-Technical Committee.
Rookie luggage was elected as the vice-chairman unit of the Zhejiang Leather Association.
Rookie Luggage was elected as the director unit of the Luggage Committee of the Zhejiang Leather Association.
Rookie luggage was elected as the star enterprise of Pinghu City.
Rookie Luggage was elected as the president unit of the Pinghu Luggage Industry Association.
Rookie luggage was selected as one of the top ten enterprises in China's leather industry.
Rookie luggage won the "Zhejiang Quality Award".
Rookie bags won the title of "China Famous Brand".
Rookie luggage was elected as "China's leading luggage brand".
Rookie Luggage won the title of "National Luggage Industry Customer Satisfaction AAA Enterprise" in the national customer satisfaction evaluation.
Rookie bags in 2006 won the title of "Advanced Unit of Social Responsibility" in Pinghu City.
In 2007, Rookie Bags successively donated more than 1 million yuan of funds to the Municipal Charity Federation as a special fund for aid and poverty alleviation to carry out poverty alleviation work.
In 2007, the rookie luggage was awarded the "Pinghu Charity Award" by the Pinghu Charity Federation.
In 2007, Rookie Luggage was rated as an advanced enterprise for poverty alleviation in Pinghu City.
In 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, Rookie Bags donated 300,000 yuan in cash to the Pinghu Charity Federation to support the Sichuan earthquake relief and organized a large number of employees within the company to raise funds to support the Sichuan disaster area.
In 2008, 2009 and 2010, it has become the only designated luggage gift by the Boao Economic Forum in Asia for three consecutive years.
In 2010, it won the title of Licensed Manufacturer at the Shanghai World Expo.
Our Service
Before Sales
We are a luggage factory, founded in 1998, with about 3000 workers. I can show you our business license. Under "Scope of Business, "you can see the words "manufacture and sale of luggage and accessories"; if we are only a trading company, you won't find the word" manufacture."Besides, you can also check our factory's certification. We have ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and BSCI social responsibility certification as well as some other certifications that our customers have required. We have been producing travel luggage and bags for over 22 years. Our consistent attitude towards creating the highest quality travel luggage and bags for the travel industries has helped us in building a strong base in the domestic as well as global markets. Therefore, we have as long as we know, the business model is quite comprehensive conception. We provide more dynamic and adjustable business models according to market needs. Therefore, our company is working on all these types of business categories for our customers. Especially, our company has well experienced different teams working for OEM, ODM, and OBM business models, respectively. Besides these models, our company designed B2B and B2C business systems for e-commerce, and each team is working on its high capacity. For instance: Amazon for the B2C, Alibaba international platform for the B2B, etc.
1. We always treasure our customers first.
2. We cherish investing in the value of our customer/consumer demand.
3. We have 22 years of professional experience with a high-quality supply chain system, excellent "Q.A." (quality assurance) system, and intelligent assembly line for the Travel goods industry.
4. We have a comprehensive, complete logistics system and chemical testing center in the industry.
5. We have a very flexible and advanced production information system for small quantities and more batches.
6. We have Cambodia overseas production base, export to the United States, duty-free.
From our linktree,, you can get all needed social media pages and online shops direction, as well as the showroom you can see now online, could find our products. If necessary, we can send you our catalog in which also list out a wide range of products. If there is any product you are interested in, just send us a purchasing contract by email after you confirmed the quotation. During COVID-19, we suggest you visit the link: xxxxxxxxxx to see the video of our factory. You're warmly welcome to visit our factory, which is located in Xindai Town, Pinghu City Zhejiang province. It's close to Shanghai. Only 1.2 hour's drive from Shanghai Pudong Airport, or 1 hour's drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. You can also arrive at our factory on a high-speed train. Our factory is only 15 minutes' drive from JINSHANBEI train station.
On Sales
We provide different types of business models to our customers, such as OBM, ODM and OEM businesses, and the B2B, B2C e-commerce model. We produce all types of bags, including hard-side luggage, soft side- luggage, backpacks, children's models, family models, travel accessories, and health epidemic prevention kits. Because we are a manufacturer in the travel goods industry for more than 20 years, so we have various categories of production lines and upstream supply chain centers. Usually, our MOQ is 1x40'FCL, with one item in two colors for new production. If less than this MOQ, it will bring us two problems: raw materials purchase and production low-efficiency. That's the reason for us to set MOQ. If you have difficulty to reach MOQ, we suggest you consider our NEWCOM brand ready-made goods. Could you explain the details? Ok, NEWCOM is our own brand, every year our factory produce some products with NEWCOM brand for customers. You can select different items, different colors from these goods to reach 1x20'FCL for fast shipment. That means if you buy our NEWCOM brand ready-made goods, MOQ can be 1x20'FCL with various items, different colors. I think it's an excellent way to test your market, which items will be more sellable. It will help you to consider better about the future business direction. Usually, it takes 60-75 days. And actual delivery is subject to the production plan when the order placement made. The below breakdown shows the different delivery periods for the different business models.
1.For the ODM soft-side luggage 45-60 days; hard-side luggage 30-45 days,
2.For the OBM luggage 15-45 days; (first order 45-90 days)
3.For the OEM 45-90 days; (first order 45-90 days)
We can cooperate with you according to our different payment methods. You need to give a deposit for the first time order. If there is a second-order for the OBM, you can get exemption of deposit.
For the ODM first deposit requires an additional 30%, we will support your wire transfer, letter of credit, and payment. ( T/T, L/C, D/P )
Payment terms: 30% is wire transfer deposit, 70% is wire transfer for 30, 60, 90 days payment.
The remaining amount is given in the accounting period ranging from 30 to 90 days according to the credit limit.
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of OBM, OEM, ODM of premium quality, travel luggage, and Bags in China.
Our professional designers are taking care of the R&D, product concepts, testing, and manufacturing for the ODM business.
We have our specific sample room (showroom) and test room, for OEM business, we can make the sample quickly and test the sample before making mass production. It can save a lot of developing time and ensure product quality. For the OBM business, we take stock and can accept small MOQ, and this is much easy if you want to start the luggage business.
After Sales
We have many different types of customers, such as brand customers, department store customers, supermarket customers, discount store customers, and small retailers, etc. We can produce different price level products. For the quality, every stage right from the designing, production, and finishing to the final dispatch executed by a team of well-trained professionals of experience behind them.
We have our specific quality management system to be carried out strictly from incoming raw materials to the final shipment. Also, we have our test center to test the functions of the goods under every order to ensure quality. We have three years guarantee. Effective upon receipt of the product. In the warranty period, it will be free for you to repair or return if it is non-human damage. lease give your spare parts quantity in your office order; we will arrange together with bulk goods. the spare parts are 1% of the order.we can supply about 0.5% free for some parts. You can show the problem details with the pictures to us, we will check. and we can send some free spare parts to you according to the actual situation锛乀he product was wrapped by a P.E. bag, then put inside the carton(corrugated box).
We sent the packaging of relevant ASINs to 3rd party B.V. for FFP test. They have been enrolled and approved for FFP certification.we can send you a test report if you need it. An FC label was affixed on the front side, according to Amazon's requirement. The F.C. label includes detailed information for a product, such as its brand, description, size, color, ASIN barcode, UPC code, country of origin, and there are seven languages, they are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese.except these, there are recycling logos and lot number.
The mark is G.W.: *LBS *KGS
We have the test room in our factory and control the quality from developing the sample. Our factory always tests the first creat a sample, if any quality problem, we suggest the client change the construction or change the material. After doing the mass production, the factory takes one example from mass production; they will test it.
All of our products are under strict inspection before delivery. We have Wheel Running Test: 4.5km/h锛?0km, Trolley Extension Test: 5000 times锛孴umble Test: 2R/Minute,50Rolls, Trolley Handle test: main 500times; side 300times, Zipper performance test, and conditional temperature test, etc.if you have the test standard, we will follow your request, if no, we will do it base on our standard. we can do, but it must be in the third party test company, and we can not bear the test cost.Superior Travel Bag Travel Soft Luggage factory

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