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Canada admin
28-April-17 30 Hits

These programs train the future generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals working in R&D or high technology, along with technology transfer agents. The objective is to prepare them to manage innovation and technological changes in companies in order to ensure their commercial success with long-term economic impacts on the prosperity of industries and society. 

The Master's program is intended for engineers, practitioners of applied sciences, and professionals who are working in a field that is predominated by engineering activities. It equips them with essential basic training in innovation management and the methodology required in order to comply with trade practices. 

In a context where innovation is defined as an invention intended to be marketed, this program prepares students to manage innovation projects in established companies, to start up technological companies, to launch new products or processes at SMEs, and to handle technology transfer and various forms of associations and collaboration in the area of innovation. 

The program also includes a project or a thesis that gives the student the opportunity to synthesize the acquired knowledge and to apply it within the context of actual business cases.

1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest (south of Peel) Montréal (Québec) H3C 1K3

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