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Spain admin
12-May-17 115 Hits

We are especialised in helping companies embrace innovation in their business model in order to become competitive and achieve better results. 

According to Wikipedia, “Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise” produced when looking for something else. Serendipity, from a broad perspective is an accident. But this word, more than an accident, suggests us collaboration, interaction, relationship, innovation, creation, open mindset and adaptability to change. 

In history, there are quite a few examples of innovation by serendipity: play dough, Discovery of America, microwave, peniciline, post-its, coke, velcro or quinine. In our web we have included several examples of serendipity. 

To us Serendipity more than an accident represents a skill, an attitude and a philosophy. It is an ability to connect alternate realities to obtain solutions that sort out needs and add value. As Louis Pasteur said: “Chance favors the prepared minds”.

Certified Facilitators for the FORTH Innovation Methodology.

C/ Paulino Caballero 51, 1º Oficina 1 · 31004 Pamplona - Navarra, Spain

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