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Wuhan GIENS Pump Co., Limited
As a division of Wuhan GIENS Industry Co., Ltd, GNS PUPM is specialized in design and production of Vacuum Pump and Centrifugal Pump. Our pumps can be well used for coal mining industry, paper-making, sugar, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, oil refining, atomic and nuclear reactors, space physics experiment, the aircraft parts processing, vacuum coating, vacuum smelting, vacuum packaging and other industries.
Now we have owned two manufacturing basement, one is in Hubei province and the other is in Zhejiang. Total factory area takes about 80,000 square meters. All our products are available with a variety of options and advanced design features to match a diverse range of applications, so our customers benefit from the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.
With the strong R&D capability, great quality and thoughtful service, we have been in corporation with many well established brands. We constantly evaluate our activities in order to maintain the highest standards, and continue to develop innovative technologies that will define the future of centrifugal and vacuum system applications.
For long-term perspective, GNS PUMP team will strive to build a one-stop type service, which includes product diversification, sales diversified, and services diversified. We are dedicated to high value services and we will always be committed to our customer's needs and requirement.2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


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