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鈼?Product Introduction:
SMT Laser Stencil is a special mold for SMT, because its production is cut by a laser machine, mainly to help the deposition of solder paste or red glue, and the purpose is to transfer an accurate amount of solder paste or red glue to the corresponding empty PCB board. position. The laser laser used by cnospcb is German IPG, and the equipment precision can reach 卤20um.
鈼?Product Specification锛?/strong>
A variety of CAD data formats are acceptable for production files:
GERBER, HPGL, *.JOB, *.PCB, *.GWK, *.CWK, *.PWK, *.DXF, *.PDF, etc.
The following software data are all acceptable:
鈼?strong>Product Features:
Compared with etched steel mesh and electroformed steel mesh. Laser stencil is simple to make, fast, precise, easy to use, and affordable. After the laser stencil is electropolished, the quality is better and the effect is better. At present, most SMT patches on the market will use laser stencil.
鈼?Product Application:
Put the exact amount of solder paste on the exact location on the empty PCB. Convenient for PCBA production and component placement.
鈼?Product Detals:

Two Printing Methods

5-8 working days include shipping time
鈼?Safeguards Ordinance
Customized SMT Stencil


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