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About Us
BOB Hydraulics Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in hydraulic cylinder parts for both NFPA and ISO standards and customized products.
BOB Hydraulics is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers鈥?expectations in terms of the quality of the products and the services that we provide, including offering competitive price, quality products, timely delivery and professional after-sales service. Just as the company name implies, to be the best of best is our unswerving pursuit of the goal.
What makes BOB Hydraulics different from the rest cylinder accessories suppliers?
Expert Staff
Our engineers are well versed and deep in experience with cylinder mounting accessories across a broad range of industries and applications. Their experience and knowledge allow our team the ability to provide customers with options, answers, accuracy, quality and prompt response.
Quality Control
As an ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer, BOB Hydraulics always implements strict quality management system through every detail of the production, including material purchasing, technological process and packaging. Tour-inspection in production and ex-factory final inspection ensure the products we shipped are qualified.
Warehouse and Inventory Support
BOB Hydraulics owns three warehouses in China separately located in Shanghai, Ningbo and Tianjin, all are port cities, which ensure prompt delivery. Besides, BOB Hydraulics is going to set up a warehouse in America for a better service and faster delivery in North America.
To Be Best of Best,
To Be Your Cylinder Accessories Specialist.
Hydraulic Cylinder Parts


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