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China Sump Pump suppliers Features of Vertical Sump Pump 1. This vertical sump slurry pump is designed with beautiful appearance, which can be installed directly to the memorizer that conveys media, spacing saving and cost saving. 2. Without mechanical seal, this vertical sump pump does not need frequent maintenance for mechanical seal that is easy to be worn out, which reduces cost and improves efficiency. 3. DV(R) series sump slurry pump adopts unique centrifugal double balance impeller design for transportation of clean media that does not contain solids with low noise and high efficiency. It also adopts open double balance impeller design to transport impurities containing solids and slurries with fibers, with smooth operation and no blockage. TypeAllowable Mating Max. Power(kW)MaterialClean Water PerformanceImpeller LinerImpellerCapacity(Q)Head(H)Speed(n)Max. Eff.No. of VanesImpeller Dia.(mm) (m鲁/h)(l/s)(m)(r/min)(%) 40(L)DV15MM19~435.3~124.5~28.51000~2200405188 40(L)DVRRR18~405~114~261000~2200405188 65(L)DV30MM23~1116.4~30.85~29.5700~1500505280 65(L)DVRRR23~1056.4~295.5~30.5500~1200515280 100(L)DV75MM54~28915~805~35600~1200565370 100(L)DVRRR65~28518~797.5~36600~1200625370 150(L)DV110MM108~48030~1338.5~40500~1000525450 200(L)DVMM189~89152.5~247.56.5~37400~850645520 250(L)DV200MM261~108972.5~302.57.5~33400~750605575 300(L)DVMM288~126780~3526.5~33350~700505610 Note: 1. M: wear resistant alloy material 2. R: rubber 3. L: extension typeChina Sump Pump suppliers website:


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