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1.General data
Model name: small stadium seat
Item number: JY8200
Size: width 380mm, depth 420mm, thickness about 70mm
Spacing: center-lines 48cm, row 80cm
Weight: 1.5kg
2. Brief introduction
By ergonomic design and high temp hollow blow molding fabrication, JY8200 small stadium seat is made from high quality HDPE (high density polyethylene) under the guidance of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, and with CE certificate and patents. Life span over 10 years, it's strong, durable, surface waterlogged free and rust-resistant.
3. Detailed requirement
ExteriorPlastic partsWithout cracks
Bottom and back surface are bright and clean, without wrinkles,
stains or obvious color difference
Other partsAll parts are without damage
Joints of fixed parts are sturdy, without looseness, missing pieces,
missing nails or nail penetrating
All outer corners and human-touching parts are dulled, without burr,
cutting edges, or other edges or corners
All surface without decolorization
4. FAQ
4.1 Q: Are you a factory who produce JY8200 small stadium seat, or just a trading company who purchase and resell it?
A: We are factory, and we afford the whole design - manufacturing - installation - after sales service of JY8200 small stadium seat.
4.2 Q: What kind of quality standard do JY8200 small stadium seat follow?
A: It normally follow Chinese standard QB/T 2601-2003 which is administrated by National Furniture Standardization center, and replaced the older standard QB/T 2601-2003, It can follow ASTM or other customer required standards.
4.3 Q: Do you afford sample of JY8200 small stadium seat?
A: Yes, we afford sample with different colors, and the fee will be refund in the bulk order. We also understand you may need a mostly likeness but slightly different small stadium seat compare to JY8200, so we will also OEM produce the likeness type stadium seat according to you mould or drawing, if necessary.China Stadium Seating manufacturers


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