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Customized Military Canned Food Ready to use Square Canned pork Luncheon Meat
Our pork luncheon meat price maybe higher than other factories, but it worth it. No artifical color, no preservatives. 3 years shelf life.
1.Production Specification
Description: Canned pork luncheon meat
Specification: 198g/340g
Solid content: 100%
Ingredients: pork, water, starch, soy protein isolate, salt, sugar, white pepper powde
2.About us
Our Company name is Qinhuangdao Ocean Food Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1960s.Formly named Chinese People鈥檚 Liberation Army No.4003 factory. The company currently has "BDH", "900", "4003", "Ten Miles Of Spring Breeze"and other trademark for canned food, compressed biscuits and MRE food. For several decades, the factory has developed hundreds of kinds of military food by itself and cooperated with the military military food research institute. So far, it has produced 365, 000 tons of canned food, compressed dry grain and other field products for the army, and 158, 000 tons of products for export and domestic sales.
3.Ways to eat
Eating cnvenient: Rinse hot pot, fried, stew, boil.
It is the best food with delicate taste and good elasticity for the picnic, travel, field operations.
Operation video
Before visiting your relatives and friends always is the right to take some gift: fruit, snacks, or snack bags. Under the now situation, do you know what is both practical and * close?Of course our pork luncheon.
As long as there are cans at home, there will be a great sense of security, the shelf life of most of them is about three years. At the same time, they can also give themselves a change of taste, even people who can not cook can also make a simple meal.
Covid-19 is not yet in the past, not to "doomsday" anxiety, the International society is too messy, vipassana myself; Calm down and read, liquor, tea, want to do and do it before "no time" to do morning reading with your child, together to complete a difficult lego, a small talk to accompany their parents, leave more time for family, in a planned way on the reasonable countries 14 days of canned, light kitchen do, enjoy good food..
Recommend diet: tuna rice porridge + pork luncheon sandwich
Recommended reason: the rich protein open full of vigour
Recommended Index:
Energy 5 stars
Nutrition 5 starsCustomized Military Canned Food


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