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Packaging Details
20pcs/bale, 125pcs/bale or according to your requirements.
1x20'FCL: About 4500pcs
1x40'GP: About 8000pcs
1x40'HQ: About 10,000pcs
Port: Qingdao/Shanghai/Lianyungang
Bag Types
The opening of the ton bag includes an inner opening and an outer opening. The inner opening of the ton bag is placed in the inner cylinder, and the outer opening of the ton bag is placed between the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder. The material in the ton bag is discharged from the inner bag opening to the inner cylinder for discharging, and the material generates dust in the inner cylinder at the same time;
When the dust diffuses outward along the gap between the inner bag mouth and the inner cylinder, it enters between the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder;
The dust is blocked by the outer cylinder and the outer bag opening between the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder to reduce its continuous diffusion. The dust is deposited between the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder and finally discharged through the discharge port.
According to the discharging mechanism of the ton bag, the discharging cylinder is arranged as a double-layer structure of the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder, and the inner bag opening is placed in the inner cylinder, and the outer bag opening is placed between the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder, so as to reduce the channel between the materials in the ton bag and the outside.
So as to reduce the dust diffusion, effectively improve the working environment, at the same time, it will deposit and reuse the dust, so as to reduce the material loss.
Why us
- Our experienced R&D department can design and produce bags at buyers requests with competitive prices
- Our professional Quality Supervision department can ensure good quality and steady shipment for long cooperation
- 24hours services before and after sales, make you know clear about the production situation of your order and your container route after shipment.
- Marketing inspection and workable suggestions according to different marketing area
- Flexible payment terms for regular customers.
- Our good sales business based on our buyers'good markets. Our important work is supply quality bags at good price with steady shipment in time.
We will be your best strong supplier and back supporter together with you open your market and enlarge our market shares. We warm welcome you visit our factory when you in China.
1. What's your product range?
PP woven bag/sack, pp woven bag/sack with PE liner, pp woven bag/sack with gusset;
2.How can I place an order?
You can contact any of our sales person for an order. Please provide the details of your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer at the first time. For designing or further discussion, it is better to contact us with Skype, TradeManger or QQ or WhatsApp or other instant ways, in case of any delays.
3. How can I get a sample to check your quality?
After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.
If you need the samples, we would like to send sample from our Chinese factory.Conductive Jumbo Bag manufacturers


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