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Aluminium Curtain Wall suppliers
1.Type:Curtain wall
3.Application: Commercial
6.Gasket: EPDM
8. Surface: Powder coating
10.Size: Customized
Processing Of Manufacturing
1. The curtain wall adopts aluminum alloy frame, which is assembled with 5+9A+5 glass to form the curtain wall. Suitable for commercial buildings. Function is watertight. And the profile thickness is 2-3.2mm to ensure quality. And the surface is colored by powder spraying, it is not easy to be scratched, and it can keep the color for a long time. The accessories is China's top brand KINLONG.
2. Our service
Sainty provides various aluminum curtain wall system which is mainly used in external wall of high-rise building. Curtain wall is an independent structural system consists of aluminum profiles, glass, installation accessories and other components. We provide custom-made service for your to manufacture aluminum profiles with various dimensions, cross-sectional shape, etc. Besides, we provide onsite installation service to particular countries. The color and surface treatment of the aluminum profiles can be selected from a wide range of choices such as electrostatic powder coating, anodic oxidation, PVDF coating, etc.
More Details
Curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep the weather out and the occupants in As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a lightweight material, reducing construction costs. When glass is used as the curtain wall, a great advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building.
Style1: Exposed frame glass curtain wall
The exposed frame glass curtain wall is the glass curtain wall with aluminum profile frame exposed at its outer surface and the glass panels are fully embedded in the grooves. The aluminum profiles act as its skeleton frame and provide support to the glass.
The exposed frame is the most traditional glass curtain wall with wide range of usages and reliable performance. It is easier to be installed during construction as compared to the hidden frame glass curtain wall.
Style2: Hidden frame glass curtain wall
The metal frame of the curtain wall is hidden at the back of the glass. Glass and the aluminum frame is bonded with silicone structural sealant which is the main support for the curtain wall. This allows better appearance but requires higher installation skills.
Case 1锛欻otel and Villa
Make aluminum curtain wall on the first floor and work with front door.
The whole face wall will be strong and aluminum curtain wall on the first floor is popular for hotel and villa near the sea, like our project in Maldives and Hawaii.
Case 2: Shopping Mall
Compare with hotel, aluminum curtain wall is more popular for the shopping mall first floor
As the photo showed, this is our project in America, 1st floor is for super market and 2nd ~3rd floor are for garage and gymnasium.
Case 3: airport
Aluminum curtain wall with steel structure is popular combination for airport. In this project case, we choose more quality glass :6 LOWE+0.78PVB+6 LOW E+12A+6 Laminated glass. Because triple glass will make them more strong and 0.78PVB Prevent glass from breaking under the high temperature.
How to choose the aluminum curtain wall for your project?
At first, depend on your building height choose the right dimension as first step.
Like my designs showed 60X110 is for first floor only and Economic glass .
This is Shanghai project case photo which for aluminum curtain wall with aluminum front door
For the exit of one shopping mall.
Big size is normally for high building , like my design 70X180 will be for over 30 meters height can cover 7 floors and more.
Sainty is 25 years aluminum extrusion and 15 years window and door factory, has over 40 country designs and mould for window and door extrusions for sale.
We are familiar with America,Germany,Canada,Unit Kingdom, Latin America etc all main market standard for the aluminum extrusion.
For window and door, sainty has certificates for NRFC and CE to keep top quality.
Contact us if you have any project our professional team will give quality service.Aluminium Curtain Wall suppliers


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