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wholesale Brown Tape in Hair Extensions
Our Company Profile
Yiwu Youyuan Trading Co., LTD. is supplier and wholesale of hair extension and hair related product. From beginning of foundation to now, our company takes Hair Extension product as the center, and improves the product types and quality constantly. We developed step by step. From nothing of beginning till now, we develop and have Hair Extension, Hair Extension Tools & Accessories, Wig Tools, Hair Styling Tools etc. Those more than 400 types of products on sale. Our sales amount is more than ten million RMB per year. And we serve client from more than 160 counties and areas. The founder of this company has more than 10years of experience in the supply chain of hair extension products, cooperate with some Europe and America hair extension wholesaler for over 6 years, and continues to work together to this day.
The company's purpose is to provide with beauty and modern products for thousands of women, we cooperated with many factories, it will compress the middleman link and save procurement costs for you. And we have been working hard for that. Our company considers product quality as life, so we receive the high praise many times from client. That is the basic of our development. We think highly of client's advice, if the product quality comes out of the after-sales problem, we will also do our best to solve it. That is power of our development. To increase the satisfaction is the direction of our development. To be established in China, and sever all the world is company's aim.
Hope to cooperate with you and make the world to be more beautiful!wholesale Brown Tape in Hair Extensions


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