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USB Cable Our History
Haiying Electronics Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded on March 19, 2008 and with a factory area of 30,000 銕? located in Dianshanhu Town,Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Our office building covers 12,000 銕? with 500 workers.
Our Factory
The company has advanced ERP management system and excellent technical team, is a professional development, production, sales and service as one of the Sino-foreign joint venture company.

Our Product
USB Type-C cable, Lightning to USB cable, Lightning to USB Type-C cable, DisplayPort & Mini DisplayPort cable, HDMI & Mini HDMI & Micro HDMI cable, Mini DVI & DVI cable,
USB cable, LAN ROLL cable & Patch cable, VGA cable, DisplayPort adapters, Mini DisplayPort Adapters, HDMI adapters, USB adapters etc.

Product Application
Our products include all kinds of cables, wires and connector assemblies which are widely used in communication equipments, networks, computers, computer peripherals,multi-medias, medical instruments, cars and household electrical appliances etc.
Our Certificate
DP-DVI Cable ,mini DP- DVI F ,mini DP-HDMI AF,mini DP-VGA F,iso9001-2015_EN,iso14001-2015_EN,ETL Cat.5e UTP,ETL Cat.6 UTP,HDMI Adopter 2017,UL758-E313012, HDMI (1.2a 28#5M),Standard- HDMI Cable (1.4b 30# 1.5m),High-Speed HDM (1.4a 28# 5M),High-Speed HDMI (1.3b1 26# 5M),High-Speed HDMI Cable(1.4b 32# 2.5m),High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (1.4b 30# 12ft)
Production Equipment
Imager,Electric pencil hardness tester,Humidity Chamber,Abrasion resistance tester,ROHS tester,Microcomputer tensile tester,8681 Electrical Tester,TDR tester,Gravity analytic balance,High voltage tester,Precise resistance automatic analyzer,Insulative resistance tester,Aging tester,Combustion testing machineelongation-pull tester,Salt-fog tester,Vibration testerUSB Cable


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