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Washing powder family affordable package (large package) household washing powder
Afandi washing powder is a kind of skin friendly washing powder which can eliminate mites, bacteria and taste without phosphorus.
Bacterial removal rate 99.9% mite removal rate 99% professional odor removal
Product name: Afandi no phosphorus washing powder
Specification: 2 kg
Main ingredients: all - round stain - removing particle clothes brightener
Anti - stain redeposition agent phosphorus - free water softener
Anionic surfactant essence
Note: It is applicable to cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and its blending, etc. Do not use it for washing silk or wool clothes.
Apply to all kinds of clothes, please wash the clothes that fade easily separately.
Store the product in a cool, dry and out of reach of children.
If accidental entrance or eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately.Washing Powder quotation


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