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Dalian Linshu Electron Co., Ltd. is established in 2004. The management team has been in this business industry for over 20 years, is mainly to provide and solve smart wireless monitoring and control solutions with lower cost, high technology, stable communication channel. It owns the independent R&D center and factory which is the key recommended high-tech enterprises in Dalian city, Liaoning Province.

Linshu electronic pays high attention to product quality and technical innovation. The R&D team of the company is composed of many Doctors and Masters, with long-term practical work experience in the field of intellectual control.
Our IOT smart remote monitoring system can realize ultra-long-distance communication without relying on the existing public and private networks, with stable signals. It can offer an efficient, flexible and economical solution to real-world problems in rural and indoor use cases, where Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy networks are ineffective.
We provide complete integrated solution for companies and utilities to real-time remote monitoring and control of business and industrial facilities, including smart energy consumption management system, solar photovoltaic monitoring solution, Industrial data remote acquisition system, etc. Customers could easily monitor and control through PC and mobile application.
Our hardware product includes:
Smart WiFi electric meter
Smart LoRaWAN electric meter
Three phase LoRaWAN electric meter
IC/RF card prepaid electric meter
Wifi water meter
LoRaWAN water meter
Ultrasonic water meter
LoRaWAN Gateway
Network Analyzer Tester
LoRa converter
We are an ISO 9001 certificated company, and our hardware products are CE approved. We will provide the most suitable solution and best after-sale service to help companies or organizations save energy, save costs, improve work efficiency, and meet corresponding use needs. We thank you for visiting our Web Site, welcome you to visit our company, and look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you.RF Card Prepaid Electric Meter manufacturers


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