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Norway admin
27-May-17 113 Hits

Innovation has received increased attention as a necessary precondition for a competitive work life and high quality in public services. There is a need for more knowledge about innovation processes in organizations, in society, how to manage such processes, and what societal effects they have. There is also a need for more knowledge about how public policies influence private and public companies’ innovative activity. 

The purpose of the RIS Centre is to stimulate the development of knowledge about innovation processes in organizations, larger innovation systems, and in society at large. This includes studies of how innovative activity and innovation policy influences the developments of industry and society. The RIS Centre is committed to high research standards. 


  • Change management 

  • Innovation in networks 

  • Regional innovation systems 

  • Employment changes

Campus Kristiansand, Gimlemoen 25, 4630 Kristiansand S, Norway

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Centre for Advanced Studies in Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) Map

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