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Plastic food container and other container mould
There are many kinds of containers. When we talk about food container and some collection container, they are mostly PP. When we talk about large industrial container it is usually HDPE. There are some that are made of PC.
We offer various plastic container mould, or they are called plastic storage bin mould, plastic storage box mould, food container mould, collection container mould, large industrial container mould, etc.
Container is a very popular product. So we have made many container moulds, but the market always want new ones.
If you have a container molding project, please feel free to contact us, we offer you custom solution.
For food container, collection container, transparent PC container, bulk industrial container, foldable container, they may also have various lids, the container may be required to seal water or air. That is a key technical point of container mould.
1.It requires careful consideration in the period of product design. A combination of good water sealing and easy lid open is the best.
2.Precise tooling machines. To get precise dimension.
3.Machining process. Machining process matters a lot other than machining equipment.
Another important point for container is about multi-cavity. We have made 200 ml container 8 cavities. We have made 2 or 4 cavities for container size 600x350x450mm.
Why choose us:
1.More than 15 years' experience to make plastic moulds and do injection, especially for exact, difficult moulds, Japan moulds.
2.Always first time to reply inquiries and e-mails
3.Own 15-20 persons engineers鈥?department, can make 2D, 3D drawings.
4.Can help clients make prototypes if necessary
5.Make some professional suggestions to customers for the moulds' drawings.
6.Communicate with customers when meet any problems during production at first time.
7.Supply after 鈥?sales service for moulds.
Our Services
EURA can offer you:
1.Good steel with high hardness
2.Good accessories with high brightness
3.Good machining with high precise
4.In-time response on email, telephone calls or fax
5.In-time supply the quotation and mould designs
6.In-time communication on the technical points
7.In-time sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing schedule
8.In-time mould test and sample delivery
9.In-time mould delivery
We guarantee to provide the best and quick mold service to customers!
Packaging & Shipping
Anti-rust oil is painted first, then plastic film, and finally wooden case.
Sent together with the mould:
a) Mould manual instruction.
b) Engineering drawing in flash disk.
c) One more set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring.
Our Certificate:
ISO and SGS certified, export to more than 45 countries
Our Supplier:
Customer Testimonial:huangyan Box Mould


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