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Get a Hospital-Grade Air Purifier Today
Hospital-grade air purifiers are powerful. Use them in your home to keep it well sanitized and clean. The air purifiers listed here are powerful enough and will clean your home effectively. When looking for a mix of quality and cost-effectiveness SPIC air treatment system can be a good choice.
1, 24 hour continuous disinfection,super air volumn 4000m鲁/h with PM2.5 锛?5渭g
2, Captured bacteria and viruses, the sterilization rate and inactivation efficiency are up to 99%, which has a good preventive effect on influenza and other infection
3, The air volume reaches 4000M3 per hour and SPIC system can instantaneously concomitant high-concentration particle cloud disinfection factors with a peak value greater than 20 trillion, quickly killing microorganisms such as space viruses and bacteria, and capturing odor factors and quickly eliminating
4, Sterilize and deodorize viruses and fungi in the air, keeping air fresh
5, No comsuption material, easy and free of maintenance
Application size200m虏Product size550*550*1780mm
weight60kgEnviromentMedical, Commercia, and Domestic
Material ComsuptionnoRated Power495WAir Purifier factory


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