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Entry-level at a very competitive price.
The Rhyguan Top 330plus is an economical solution for long-run work to print (black) marks on the back-side liner, and die-cut from the front-side (semi-or full rotary). Very suitable for label converters that seek an economical investment to print black-mark blank labels or simple one-color labels. Fitted with an unwind in both directions, a full rotary flexo unit, a turn-bar, and a servo-driven Semi-Rotary die-cut unit, it is also very suitable for priming and/or flood coating.
Product description:
Machine for cost-efficient, high-standard converter. With unwind, cold foil, super varnish, flexo printing, semi/full rotary die cut, IML, slitting and sheeting. The optimal solution for high productivity.
Max Die-cutting Speed (semi-rotary) 锛?/p>60 m/min
Max Die-cutting Speed (rotary)锛?/p>300 r/min
Accuracy of Adhesive Cutting锛?/p>卤0.15 mm
Accuracy of IML Cutting锛?/p>卤0.25 mm
Registration锛?/p>Mark Sensor
Max Slitting Width锛?/p>16 mm
Max Web Width锛?/p>330 mm
Max Unwinder dia锛?/p>700 mm
Max Rewinder dia.锛?/p>700 mm
Optional Magnetic Cylinder锛?/p>60 T ~ 204 T
Standard Magnetic Cylinder锛?/p>152 T
Max Flexo Printing Speed锛?/p>300 r/min
Accuracy of Flexo Register锛?/p>卤0.15 mm
Total Motor Power锛?/p>19 kw ~ 21 kw
Dimension锛?/p>3700 x 1700 x 1950 mm
Weight锛?/p>3500 KGS
Product parameters锛?/strong>
Unwind with close loop tension control. Web guide with ultrasonic edge guide sensor. 76 mm air expanding mandrel. Max diameter 700 mm 鈥?1000 mm for unwind and rewind.
Independent servo-driven semi/full rotary printing. Can do varnishing and flexo printing. The repeat length of printing is 50 mm - 647 mm.
Cold foil and laminate with servo motor.
Independent and servo driven. The repeat length from 50 mm - 647 mm for semi-rotary, and 254 mm -647 for full rotary. Can add on with magnetic or solid/engraved cylinders.
IML die-cutting system with collection table and anti-static bar, has counter and step less speed regulation.
Optional shear slitter or razor blade slitter and standard high pressure waste suction system.
Q: Have you sold this model to overseas?
A: Yes we sold a lot to overseas, many in Europe and South East Asia.
Sino Label exhibition news article
Sino label is one of the biggest label exhibition in China, this time we show two machines in the show, one machine is TOP-330-PLUS-2 semi/full rotary flexo and semi/full rotary die cutting machine with slitting module, another machine is KISS-330-HF hot stamping machine which can do flat bed die cut and embossing as well. We get five orders in the show and get a lot opportunities which is very successful!
Rhyguan Is One Of The World鈥檚 Largest Manufacturers Of Smart Converting Equipment To The Label Printing Industry, Covering A Broad Spectrum From Small Slitter Re-Winders To Large Digital Converting Units.Die Cutting Machine manufacturer


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