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Stainless steel heat exchanger tube Stainless steel evaporator tube Stainless steel condenser tube Stainless steel distilled water machine tube.
Various austenitic seamless stainless steel pipes are suitable for various types of heat exchanger pipes, such as: seawater cooler, condenser, multi-effect evaporator, multi-effect distilled water machine, condenser, grease heater, etc.
There are two sizes of stainless steel heat exchanger pipes: inch system and metric system, inch system specifications 1/4"-2", metric system specifications 6mm-40mm, KC-SCT also provides special specifications and wall thickness of stainless steel tube customization, according to customer requirements Arrange production, this part of the customers are mainly from the medical equipment production industry.
1. Material
In order to better control and manage the consistency of materials in the production and circulation process, and to avoid the occurrence of mixed materials, we separately process several materials in austenitic stainless steel.
2. Cold working process
A combination of cold rolling and cold drawing is adopted. Both cold rolling and cold drawing are oil-based lubrication (not butter + lime powder lubrication), which helps to improve the consistency of the pickling color of the inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline, to ensure that the inner and outer surfaces are smooth and delicate, after annealing treatment Can obtain high-quality metallographic structure.
3. Production standards
ASTM: A213 A269
DIN EN ISO: EN 10216-5銆丏IN 28180銆?/p>
JIS: JIS G3464銆丣IS G3463
GB: GB/T 13296銆丟B/T 3087
4. Product specification
A213 A269EN 10216-5
Tube SizeThicknessODThicknessODThickness
5. Surface delivery status
Our seamless stainless steel tubes for heat exchangers are available in two delivery states:
5.1 Solid solution pickling: after natural gas heat treatment, pickling and passivation delivery.
5.2 Bright Annealing: After atmosphere heat treatment, delivery without pickling.
The maximum hardness of the pipeline after natural gas or bright heat treatment: HV200/HBW192 HRB90
6. Nondestructive testing
Each stainless steel pipe is subjected to two methods of water pressure detection and eddy current flaw detection according to the standard:
Hydrostatic pressure detection: maximum pressure 20Mpa, time 5 seconds
Eddy current testing: perform inspections according to standard sample tubes, in accordance with standards ASTM E426, EN 10246-
7. Other inspection
For the heat exchanger pipes, random inspections of tensile, flattening, flaring, grain size, hardness, etc. are performed according to the standard.Heat Exchanger Tubes


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