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MAOYUAN pallet type single cart parking system is very popular in oversea market.It is a smart parker with car pallet and belongs to the cart type & trolly types which is with high parking efficiency. We also named it as robotic car parking system.

Four Post Car Parking Lift
Mode of Drive: Hydraulic
Car Weight: 3600kgs
Mode of Operation: Manual Keys/ Buttons
Product Specifications:
Brand Name QDMY
Model No. QDMY-2136; 2236
Type Four Post Car Parking Lift for 2 cars (Double Stacker)
Mode of Operations Manual Control buttons / Keys
Car Capacity 3600kgs
Mode of drive Motor
Car Size (L×W×H) 5000mm×1850mm×1550mm;
Lifting speed 5.6m/min
Warning device Yes
Safeguard device Hydraulic whole protection and anti-fall frame warning devices
Rise Time 50s
Fall Time 40s
Work Noise < 80dB ( A )
Voltage 220V/240V/380V
Motor Power 2.2KW
Maximum Working Pressure 16 MPa
Machine Net Weight more than 800kgs
Modes of operation High-grade anti-corrosion paint
Color Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow etc. ( customized
according to user demand )
Certificate ISO9001 and CE
Working Principle:
This parking system is designed 2 spaces of up and down as one unit. The bottom car can go in and out directly. When the upper space needs to park a car, the car in the bottom should be driven out.

Save land area and take full use of the current space to raise 2 cars at the same time;
The structure is simple, united and easy for operation;
It is equipped with multiple safety protection device and spack locked devices.

Places Suitable:
Apartments, yards and lower height of basements.grand parking system


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