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Our Product
Safety relief valve (Our hot products, we have price & performance advantages about safety valves, and we can offer you the best price and quality you want): spring loaded safety valve, high pressure and high temperature safety valve, pilot operated safety valve, DIN Standard Safety Valve, etc..
Control valve/ regulating valve: Pneumatic gontrol valve, Electric actuated control valve.
Pressure Reducing Valve: Pilot Operated reducing valves, Direct Acting and Bellow Type Reducing Valves. etc.
Steam Trap:鈥侳ree Float steam trap, Lever Ball Float steam trap, thermodynamic and thermostatic steam trap, inverted bucket steam trap, etc.
Besides, Other valves and pipe fittings like DIN Bellow sealed globe valves, Y Type Strainer鈥俛lso can be offered by us.
Product Application
Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power station and some other fields. We can also design and manufacture the non-standard products according to Customers' requirements.
Our Certificate
CE, ISOAir Pressure Reducing Valve manufacturers


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