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product Introduction
Logarithmic contact profile between rollers and raceways provides a more favorable stress distribution in the bearing and considerably enhances operational reliability.
product Parameter (specification)
Product feature and application
They can support both heavier radial loads and simultaneously acting axial loads they permit simple and cost-effective roll neck bearing arrangements. Mainly used in construction machinery, wind power generation industry.
Production details
HH superheavy series, H heavy series, HM medium heavy series, M medium series, L light series and LL superlight series.
Do bearings provide a sufficient pressure seal?
Designers of vacuum applications often ask us this, and the answer is most definitely NO. A separate sealing device will have to be used to maintain any pressure differences.
KEGAN bearing tolerance range?
CLN/normal = ABEC1 P6 = ABEC3 P5 = ABEC5
How can I keep contamination out in a high-speed application?
By use of a labyrinth seal. The labyrinth seal is a non-contact seal with the particular internal construction which centrifuges dirt back out to where it came. AHR can supply data on these specialist seals if you require them.
Can I flush out a bearings lubricant and use another?
Not unless you use a prescribed flushing agent in an accurately environmentally controlled area and the bearing is thoroughly dried post flush and lubricated with the correct amount and type of grease.
I have my bearings, what tools do I use to fit them?
Depending on bearing type, the appropriate tools are usually pretty dull affairs. Whether you are driving, induction fitting, hydraulically fitting or swaging a bearing into place, the tools required are readily available from either the bearing manufacturers or third party agents. If you need appropriate tools, AHR can supply them.
8.Latest news
KEGAN bearing group corporation initially founded in 2010 and can produce 12,000 specifications and ten types ranging from ID 5mm to OD 6000mm bearings which we have the auto-intellective property for special bearings and standard bearings. KEGAN bearings have reached class P4 with some can reach P2. Full variety, good quality, and famous trademark are our management strategy. We should improve our ability to predict product R&D with consummate techniques、selfcontained testing measures to supply the customers advanced products in good reliability. Finally, achieve mutual development and win-win objective.Customized Tapered Roller Bearing


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