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1. Product Descriptions
Kseng Solar module mounting structure is a pre-installed support system, which is suitable for the installation of large ground power stations and adopts the advanced engineering design concept. The system is easy to install and saves installation costs, especially in large power stations on the ground.
2. Technical Parameter
Installation LocationGround
InstallationConcrete or Ground Screw
Installation Angle15-35掳
Wind Load80m/s
Snow Load1.6KN/m虏
Height of Ground1800-3500mm
ApplicableSingle polycrystalline, Double wave, Thin film
ComponentHorizontal and Vertical
Design StandardAS/NZS1170 and JISC8955-2017
Bracket MaterialAL6005-T5(Anodic Oxidation)Q235
Fastener MaterialStainless steel SUS304
Quality Assurance10years warranty,20years service life.
3. Product Details
We adopted the pre-assembled part of KS2 mounting system, which greatly saved the installation time and reduced the installation difficulty.The pre-assembly beam can be installed directly on the ground screw or cement foundation.Because KS2 has a larger span than KS1, we need two more pillar in the middle to support it and enhance stability.
4.Product advantage
Convenient installation
The unique mounting structure of the solar mounting system and the rail and connector with the characteristics of kseng. The pre-installation of the bracket before delivery allows you to complete the installation of the system in less manpower and time.
Strong compatibility
Kseng's solar bracket system can meet the requirements of solar pv modules manufactured by different manufacturers. It is suitable for the installation of most existing solar panels.
Strong adaptability
Used in different environments, the high strength structural profiles enable it to be used in inclement weather conditions. The system is specially surface treated and can be installed in different environments.
5.Product qualification
6. Our company
Xiamen Kseng Metal Tech co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales. Is a solar power generation materials, to provide customers with quality products and good service professional solar photovoltaic stent company.
1.Have you treated the surface of your product against corrosion?
Our products have been oxidized on the surface and have strong corrosion resistance. They can be safely used even in salty areas such as the seaside. We have a 10-year quality guarantee and a 20-year service life.
2.What countries are you selling your products to?
Our solar pv mounting system products are stable, reliable, efficient and economical, and have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.Ground Mounting System suppliers


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