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CEMUX is an international distributor of furniture hardware company, which founded in the UK.
The aim of CEMUX is to develop top product and service to our partner and provide the perfect life for our customer. We focus on the complete product range: drawer system; kitchen bins; basket; wardrobe and other hardware and always regards users鈥?experience as our priority.
CEMUX provides complete furniture hardware solution for any needs and ensures that you live your life.
CEMUX鈥檚 primary focus is to meet the demands of customers. To ensure that our products deliver superior value, we have plans to continue developing great products, to become more accessible and have a positive impact on people.
Quality Control
Quality is about more than just the product, it鈥檚 about the total customer experience, including warranty, delivery, and assembly. It is our ambition to truly inspire customers through our products.
Quality is extremely important in whole process, especially in manufacturing. So, we focus on every production line to build a professional and rigorous manufacturing system.
The testing system is also necessary process to ensure a high standard product in market. We guarantee every product from CEMUX is perfect.
We have a professional R&D team to design and innovate more attractive kitchen product.
Our target is to save the kitchen space hugely and decorate your kitchen style. To ensure the efficient functionality and elegant appearance is our priority to produce. We not only focus on the easy use-experience, but also decorate your room in an elegant atmosphere.
Active services are persistence for every customer, from before-sale, and after-sale. Every idea and issue can be responded quickly by our service team. We aim to provide wide range cabinet hardware system solution, safe and fast logistics and efficient after-sale responses.
Guarantee 10 years is our warranty for each product. If it happens any quality problem in extremely probability, we will aways in here to provide new solutions and resolve that.
If customer need local testing certification, we will happy do that for local market.Wardrobe Shoe Rack manufacturers


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