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Folded fin heatsinks are manufactured by bending aluminum or copper sheets into a variety of fin shapes which are then bonded to a separate base. This type of folded fin heat sink allows the base and the folded fins to be manufactured from different metals.
Technical Parameters
1.Material: Aluminum/Copper
2.Process :Folded +soldering +CNC Machining
3 High density copper heat sink. increasing the cooling area, better heat dissipation.
4 Factory price and high quality heat sink.
Place of OriginDongguan ChinaMaterialAluminum/Copper
ShapeSquareMaterial&TemperAlloy 6063-T5/6061-T6/CU1100
Model numberCopper folded fin stamping heatsinkProcessFolded fin
ItemHeatsinksFin thickness0.25 --2 mm
Extra processSolderingsizeCustomized
Application fieldTelecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, and LED lighting
Pioneer Heat Sinks Process
Pioneer Thermal Technology Co., ltd was established in 2003 in China with the goal of providing advanced thermal engineering and design services to customers. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of high quality, high performance but cost effective heatsinks manufacturer, which are widely used in the field of consumer electronics, Led, power, medical, telecommunications and automotive industries. We have a 75,000 square foot facility and certified with ISO9001 & 14001.
Any heatsinks and stacked fin heatsinks services, please contact Pioneer Thermal. We'll reply you within 12 hours.
Email: [email protected]
[email protected] Fin Heat Sink suppliers


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