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Our History
Winpsheng has focused on paper crafts products for over 14 years in China. We started as a small
operation, but now have become the one of the leading supplier in China.
Today, Winpsheng has been one of the top manufacturers of quality paper crafts items with/without
electronic, such as paper/music greeting cards, sound modules, music boxes, paper/music bags,
sticky note, notebook.
Our Factory
Our Products
Winpsheng products includes the following:
1, Greeting card, including handmade greeting cards, electronic greeting cards(music/sound recordable
cards, led music cards…), pop up cards, laser cut cards…
2. Sound module: music module, sound recordable module, led light module, light sensor module,
human body sensor sound module, USB sound module…
3, Boxes: music paper box, folded music box, velvet music box
4, Notebook: paper notebook, music notebook, led music notebook
5, Others: sticky note, gift bag, display box…
We supply paper crafts products all over the world to a wide range of companies, ranging from large
multinational organizations to small individual companies.
Our Certificate
3D Birthday Card suppliers


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