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Preparation before sending and receiving
1. Clean the hair deeply before hair extension, and blow dry the hair (very dry, especially the roots) and comb it.
2. If dyeing is required to make the roll, the film should not touch the potion.
Precautions when receiving and sending
1. The layer of hair separated during hair extension should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the sticking effect of the hair piece, and it should not be too thin, otherwise it will pull the scalp or itchy or painful, and the thickness is moderate.
2. Do not wash your hair within 24 hours after the hair is sent or received to prevent the film from falling off.
Care after hair extension
1. Blow molding, use low-temperature wind to avoid developing roots.
2. Normally wash and protect, minimize the time of shampoo. The water temperature should not be too high. When doing care, do not touch the hairpin where the mold is poured. The heating time should be controlled within 15 minutes.
3. The conditioner is gently applied to the hair. Do not grab it by hand. Stay for a while, then rinse it slowly with the shower. The water flow should be kept from top to bottom when rinsing to avoid reverse washing.
Matters needing attention
If you like dyeing and modeling, please look carefully! First, then dye, then pick up. Please wrap the plastic head with plastic wrap and tie it with a rubber band to avoid sticking hydrogen peroxide and perm. Please replace with new film. If it sticks to the water, please blow dry immediately, and you can continue to use it! Please do the maintenance in time after dyeing to avoid hair frizz.low price U Tip Hair Extensions


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