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Product introduction
Description锛?/td>Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Charger: Dedicated wireless USB charger
Working hours锛?/td>35-45 Days
Brush head:The new double 3D curved copper-free hair-planting brush head, customized unique brush filaments, creating the ultimate healthy and comfortable brushing experience!
Design: The curves and curved surfaces derived from the perfect female figure create an amazing body shape. Subversive structural design makes everything possible. Ceramic texture, noble and elegant. Five classic brushing modes to meet your different needs. Exclusive custom swarovski- gemstones classic crystals, highlighting the unique temperament.
Power:a new, sophisticated and powerful motor, specially adjusted for female users, comfortable and efficient;
* Special clean rechargeable electric toothbrush for adults
* Very high vibration per minute up to 27,000 times;
* Sound wave vibration, cleaning teeth;
* Record timing function to cultivate healthy brushing habits;
* Three kinds of brushing modes: soft massage, broken stain cleaning, frequency conversion and whitening;
* IPX7 waterproof;
* Standard Micro USB charging.Electric Toothbrush


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