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Enramycin 8% Premix
CAS NO.: 11115-82-5
Specification: 8% Premix.
Characteristics: Brown or grey brown powder; special odor.
Enramycin 8% Premix is brown or grey brown and is be called "Brown Enramycin 8% Premix". The active ingredient of Enramycin 8% Premix is enramycin. Enramycin 8% Premix can be divide into 4% Enramycin and 8% Enramycin. Its funtion is promoting growth as a antibiotic. It can be used to make mix with the feed. Enramycin 8% Premix dosage is Pig:2.5~20g/1000kg feed; Chickens:l~10g/1000kg feed. It should be used in the addition quantity in Enramycin. Under specified conditions, shelf life is 24 months. Attentions: Layers is forbidden. Withdrawal Time is 7days.
Enramycin (ER) is a polypeptide antibiotic obtained by the incubation of Streptomyces fungicidicus. Enramycin 8% Premix has a very strong activity against Gram-positive bacteria, and is not easy to produce drug-resistant. It can promote the livestock, poultry growth, and could improve the feed conversion ratio. Enramycin 8% Premix has an antibacterial effect mainly on Gram-positive bacteria and a growth promoting effect on chickens (including broilers) and pigs. Therefore, it is safe and effective for animal antibiotics.
Mixed feeding. Recommended Dosage:
Animal SpeciesEnramycin 8% Premix
(g) per 1000 kg feeding stuffEnramycinConcentration
Withdrawal Period: 7 days.
Packing: 25 kg/bag.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, in sealed or closed container.
Expiry: Two yearsAntibiotic suppliers


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