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1. Product Introduction
Military Police Hinged Double Locked Handcuff is used for Army, Police, Riot Personnel and other Law Enforcement personnel.
Hengtai Group produces Military Police Hinged Double Locked Handcuff with quality steel and plastic. We devoted ourselves to Carbon Steel Handcuff, Stainless Steel Handcuff, One-time Or Disposable Plastic Handcuff or many years, covering the Army and Police from Middle East, African and Latin American Countries. We are expecting to become your long-term partners in China.
2. Product Specifications, Details, Application and Terms
ProductMilitary Police Hinged Double Locked Handcuff
Material of Military Police HandcuffSteel Or Plastic
Military Police Handcuff types by materialCarton Steel Handcuff
Stainless Steel Handcuff
Disposable Or One-time Plastic Handcuff
Military Police Handcuff types by patternChains Handcuff
Hinged Handcuff
Bar Handcuff
Color of Military Police HandcuffSilver, Black Or White
Application of Military Police HandcuffMilitary Police Riot Personnel and other Law Enforcement personnel
3. Product Qualification
As professional manufacturer and supplier of Military Police Hinged Double Locked Handcuff, we can present Handcuff sample to SGS Or Intertek for test as required.
4. Special requirement for Deliver and Shipping
For the export of Military Police Handcuff, EUC from local Government is a must, we use it to apply for Military Police Handcuff Export License from China Army Headquarter. The whole process costs at least 1month on receipt of down payment.
5. FAQ
Are hinged handcuffs better?
Yes, Hinged Handcuff is more secure than chains Handcuff
Are common Citizen allowed to buy Handcuff?
For Real Military and Police Handcuff, common Citizen are not allow to buy. Military and Police Handcuffs are used only for Police and other Law Enforcement Personnel.China Police Tactical Gear supplier


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