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The further development of traditional glass is the appearance of barium-free glass. From the point of view of the ancients, since lead ore calcined ash can be used to make glass, they will naturally try to use purified metal lead to burn, which cut off the way for barium. The glass produced by this method is more clear and shiny, more like jadeite, and the melting temperature is also reduced because the raw material no longer contains many impurities attached to lead ore.
Due to the influence of production purpose and technology, the application scope of traditional glass products in ancient social life was greatly limited, mainly limited to gifts, decorations, pearls and rings as pearls and gemstones. Its fragile texture and high temperature resistance make it seldom used as a diet. Transparency is poor, of course, not to mention making optical glass.
In the early and middle Qing Dynasty, Western European missionaries introduced glass manufacturing technology into China, which had a certain impact on glass manufacturing in China. Due to the introduction of foreign technology and the efforts of craftsmen, the Chinese people finally mastered and developed a set of mature glass production technology, which is beyond doubt.
Hot-melt glass is made by melting at high temperature. It has strong stereoscopic sense, bright texture, good decorative effect and is very popular with people. Now the major cities are booming and popular, which has injected a ray of vitality into the glass industry againTempered Glass LED Lamp Cover


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